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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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There is independe between the sq. ft. price in Argentina and the return generated on Airbnb. We analize over 2,000 per month screening for their potential and predicting their returns.

Buenos Aires properties are currently underpriced. We select high performing short term rentals that can outperform Airbnb competitors.

The property

Special studio apartment for tourists with swimming pool, gym, balconies and space for kitchen. Construction materials and finishes are of first quality both in sight and in the facilities of the building. Refurbished for Airbnb, with digital code from security at the entrance, personalized mailboxes for keys. The building has other amenities: sum, grill, solarium, laundry and gourmet room to receive and cook with friends and guests.


To have sold-out properties on Airbnb we must modify the units, particularly the bathroom space. To minimize claims due to the carelessness of tourists who do not know the facilities, Security modifications in all departments.

Timeline to rent

The time needed to start renting the apartment on Airbnb is variable and can depend on several factors, this includes the furnishing and the renovations that we carry out in each unit. Historically the average the time to start serving tourists has been 45 days and has ranged from a minimum of 14 days to more than 90 days.

After 3 months of starting activities, monthly occupancy stabilizes at around 25 nights per month using the Housie management system.


Appreciation and dividends


11.1 %


IRR 11.1 %

Net rental income


7.1 %



Property value growth

4.0% / year

Yields of similar properties over the past 40 years.

The neighbourhood

Residential and restaurant area, the preferred neighborhood for tourists in Argentina. It is a modern and cosmopolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires. It stands for its gastronomic pole, design and renowned premises. Very close to Santa Fe Avenue, with easy access to transportation: metrobus and subway.

Frequently asked questions

Abroadster gives investors the opportunity to access vacation rentals as an asset class. Historically, vacation rentals have been an illiquid asset class - a vacation rental investor would have to sell their entire property to a prospective buyer. Generally, investors viewed this favorably as real estate returns are maximized when held as a long-term investment, and rental income is insulated from behavioral investing tendencies as seen in the public markets.

With that said, investors may occasionally seek liquidity for their Abroadster property interests prior to the property's expected holding period.

Abroadster plans to offer investors liquidity through a secondary market in the future. If a secondary market were to open, investors would have the chance to sell their shares, subject to liquidity and compliance with the transfer restrictions described in our Operating Agreement or Offering Circular. There is no liquidity at this time for Here property interests.

Any payouts will be deposited directly to your Abroadster account. If the property generates sufficient funds to make cash distributions, you will receive your pro-rata distribution quarterly within 45 to 60 days of the start of a new quarter. You can view the expected first payout date for each Abroadster property on the property's Offering page.

On each payment date, an investor will receive their pro-rata share of booking income after deducting expenses, such as property management fees, asset management fees, property taxes, insurance costs, repair costs, any HOA fees, reserves for liabilities and contingencies (for example expected capital expenditures), and any other costs and expenses based on the investor’s percentage ownership.

There may be periods where a payout is not possible if the cash needed to fund costs plus cash reserves for liabilities and contingencies is greater than the rental income.

Investors select a Abroadster property and acquire fractional interests that represent an indirect ownership interest in that property. The investment is designed to deliver passive income without management responsibilities.

Once Abroadster accepts your investment and your funds are transferred, you will be entitled to receive quarterly payouts derived from booking income (rents minus fees, expenses, and additional reserve allocations) generated by the property, while House handles operational responsibilities.

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