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Bahia Creek, Rio Negro, Argentina

The property

The parcel number for this property is 12-282-22 located in Bahia Creek county, Rio Negro state. The parcel size is 6.1 acres, with the property situated in the city of Bahia Creek with a corresponding zip code. The GPS coordinates and elevation are also provided as 1234 ft. The property is accessible via dirt road and zoned for residential purposes. The terrain is flat, and there is no time limit imposed on the property. Additionally, there is no HOA fee, but there is a doc fee of $500. Water can be obtained by contacting the county, and there is no sewer available. However, power is available on the property.

The area

Faro Belén is a residential development located in Bahia Creek, Rio Negro, Argentina. The development offers a unique opportunity to invest in a pristine natural environment, surrounded by forests, mountains, and rivers. Faro Belén's location also provides convenient access to outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing, making it a perfect place for nature enthusiasts.

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