There must be a better way to invest in real estate overseas.

At Abroadster, our mission is to empower the world to build wealth through modern real estate investing.

While international real estate has been the best long-run investment in modern history, operational headaches and larger upfront financial commitments prevent many people from participating.

By breaking down the barriers to investing in Airbnb vacation rental properties, we believe we can help millions of people better access this incredible asset class.

If Abroadster ceases to exist

Properties purchased on behalf of investors

Purchased properties are placed in the name of the investors. If Abroadster ceases to exist, the investors are the owners.


Partial investments

Choose a studio apartment or partially invest in different studio apartments to diversify your investment.

End to end solution

We find, purchase and manage properties

We rigorously select and manage properties with Airbnb potential.


Our goal is to make the wealth building potential of owning rental homes more accessible. We believe we can do that by simplifying the process, and lowering the cost to get started.


We manage properties

Abroadster takes care of all the real estate operations so that investors can sit back and collect net rental income and their share of the home's appreciation.


Aligned incentives

Skin in the game. Abroadster partially invests in each house purchased using our system.


Data first

Only 2% of Airbnb properties have high returns. Our goal is to identify and purchase them at low prices.


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